Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Vibes did a feature recently - it's the biggest Harley 'Biker Style' mag in Japan. As fat as Playboy, but the girls are cuter.. and real!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Three shops

From the San Francisco Bay Area to Japan ~ these are my three shops. The first was opened in a tiny restaurant, followed by a significantly larger space, which became far too busy and caused me to go underground as it were.... now way out in a 1940's farm house.

and now.....

Here we go - the first OSI blog in English !

Yes, I'm the only American in Japan who wholly owns and operates his own Harley shop / business, and doing it all in Japanese to boot!
I do 1930 to 1984 HD import, custom, race, modification & restoration here at Old School Iron in Fukuoka, Japan. Sometimes I will do '20's models if necessary, but you better be ready to part with some serious dough. Occasionally I'll let an Evo or Twin Cam in under special circumstances. I just love vintage & antique stuff - cars, furniture, clothes, toys etc.

I'm lucky to have so many good customers here. Of course there are a few numbskulls & posers, just like back home (but not nearly as many) and they promptly get blacklisted. Luckily I deal with people who appreciate old motorcycles, and I flatly refuse the "New Generation" customers as they have no clue.
Am I stubborn? Absolutely!
I'm currently in my third shop here in Japan and life just keeps getting better as it goes.

Enjoy ~
p.s. - This blog usually redirects from which is our very recent internet shopping site.