Tuesday, July 27, 2010

and now.....

Here we go - the first OSI blog in English !

Yes, I'm the only American in Japan who wholly owns and operates his own Harley shop / business, and doing it all in Japanese to boot!
I do 1930 to 1984 HD import, custom, race, modification & restoration here at Old School Iron in Fukuoka, Japan. Sometimes I will do '20's models if necessary, but you better be ready to part with some serious dough. Occasionally I'll let an Evo or Twin Cam in under special circumstances. I just love vintage & antique stuff - cars, furniture, clothes, toys etc.

I'm lucky to have so many good customers here. Of course there are a few numbskulls & posers, just like back home (but not nearly as many) and they promptly get blacklisted. Luckily I deal with people who appreciate old motorcycles, and I flatly refuse the "New Generation" customers as they have no clue.
Am I stubborn? Absolutely!
I'm currently in my third shop here in Japan and life just keeps getting better as it goes.

Enjoy ~
p.s. - This blog usually redirects from http://www.old-school-iron.com/ which is our very recent internet shopping site.

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