Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tom at Earl's Store #1 ... Dumb as a Rock

I ran across this pic in my archives and remembered an amazing transaction that occurred with "Tom" at Earl's Store #1 in Lawndale. I ordered 6 pcs of the SAME PART.

Simple, yes? - NO: I received 5 of the correct part, but the 6th was a different size. Are you kidding?!?

Tom said he needed pictures for an RMA.. no problem - I sent some. "Illegible" he says, so I sent more. He refused to correct his mistake, furthermore insisting that the two parts in this photo are EXACTLY THE SAME as each other.

I later found numerous complaints online against Earl's Store #1, and against Tom in particular. Here's one of many:

Thanks again for your brilliant work Tom.
Idiots Rool.

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